Macbeth sees Banquo’s ghost at an important banquet and he acts very strange all of the sudden because the gusts told him to sit on his throne but

Hacate is angry with the witches because

The most important event in act 3 sence 6 is a , the other lord reveals to Lennox that Macduff has fled from Scotland to join forces with Malcolm in England.

Lady Macbeth was very cruel to her husband by shouting at him and saying he’s not a man if he don’t kill the king . She was vile in a way too . She used an example by saying if they had a baby and she promised to kill the baby she will do it […]

CHAPTER 1 BOOM! I heard a big boom . Then i heard people screaming . Then i heard silence. Before that,my Mum and Dad place me and Jessi ( which is my dog) somewhere safe . Then that’s when i heard that big exploration . I screamed and cried because i was really scared .Then […]

1.Maria had a very strong realationship with Bruno because if Bruno need someone to talk to Bruno will go to Maria and say it to her and she will listern. 2.Maria has a strong loyalty with Bruno’s farther because Bruno’s farther is a solider and if she don’t have any loyalty with his farther he […]